Thursday, February 21, 2013

The global domination hunt - solve puzzles to win the prizes

Yesterday, when writing about the new heads-up displays (HUDs) which are the basis for second life gameplay, I couldn't stop thinking about the possibilities that the new elements such as cut screens, dialogue bubbles and an interactive inventory could bring to Second Life hunts. Only recently I have played the Love Portion 9.9 hunt from MadPea and as much as I loved the story elements I was also having a doubt: Isn't it a bit outdated to cam arround sims looking for an object? Wouldn't it be much more exiting to meet game characters instead which give you tasks to accomplish? Wouldn't it be more interesting to solve puzzles like in adventure games in order to achieve an item? Yes it probably would...

Picture taken from Quan's Travelogues

Have you ever experienced the situation that after having a good idea you find out that someone else just recently put it into practice? That's what happened to me here. Just a few hours after reflecting on a new puzzle approach to Second Life hunts, I found a blog posts about a new game called "Global Domination".

Since I didn't have the time to play the hunt, I am not sure how the game mechanics for the puzzles really work. Maybe I would be dissapointed. But the description looks quite interesting and as the hunt is soon over, I wanted to present it ASAP:
Each location will have a puzzle you will need to solve and they are not easy. There won’t be any direct instructions on how to solve each puzzle, so you will need to carefully examine the clues to come to conclusions. Some puzzles have multiple locations.  Whether it’s one location or three locations per puzzle, ultimately you are playing until you get a new stamp on your passport. There will be clues EVERYWHERE. Hidden objects and random puzzle pieces are scattered in many of the locations you’ll visit along the way. Keep a keen eye out for them.
What I am quite unhappy about is the short duration of the hunt: only two weeks from February 14 to February 28. Hey game creators, word to mouth doesn't travel that fast! It takes some time for the community to learn about new things. Now the first week of the game has already passed and I will not have time to play the game before the week-end. And then I only have a few days left to solve all the puzzles. So will it be worth to invest 400 LS that are asked for the game HUD - a not negligible price?

Picture from the "Hottie Cooterati Experience" blog 

Most probably I will invest my money anyhow just to check out the game mechanics. If someone would like to join me, please sign-up to the new "Second Life Play Instinct" inworld group if you haven't done so already. I will send out a group notice when I know my abailability to play the game.

If you would like to learn more about the "Global Domination hunt, read on here.

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