Monday, March 9, 2015

Free Wilma - an Adventure Game in Second Life

Prepare to embark on an interactive adventure game in Second Life. Situated on Escapades Island, a place of childhood dreams and mayhem, the play scenes of this point and click game will immerse you into the world of an anarchic children fantasy. Solve a series of little quests to finally save the elephant Wilma, who is held hostage by the biggest mouse ever: Modsno the ferret. 

 “Free Wilma” is based on a new game system in second life that breathes life into the NPCs (non player characters). The characters will react differently to the player depending on the game progress. This feature caters to a more immersive experrience than traditional linear Second Life point and click games.

How to start (Opening March 15): Teleport to the welcome area of "Stella's Adventure Game System" (SAGS) and pay the vendor 180 LS. After wearing the HUD click on the little boy who is standing on the parcel and you are good to go. You advance in the game by clicking on the characters and objects. All dialogs with the NPCs will appear in the chat window.

Support and hints: Join the group "Stella's Adventure Game System" to get into contact with other players. You can look up hints at this blog post or ask for help at a post of my SL feed (log-in with your usual SL username and password to comment).

Free Wilma Rules:

1. No griefing, no inappropriate behaviour, no littering

Do not grief other residents and do not break the rules of the Escapades sim which is rated "General" (PG). As a rule of thumb: Don't dress, express yourself or behave in a way that would not be acceptable on an afternoon tv show. Do not rez or leave any objects
from your inventory on the sim.  

2. Malfunctions

The game is based on Second Life which is a platform that has issues such as location logouts, reboots, or lagging and crashing. 

The Escapades Sim is a very graphics and resource intensive region and it is very well possible that players experience lag. Please test your experience on Escapades before buying the HUD. Do consider to come back at a time when there is less traffic. 

Should anything happen that disrupts or halts the game and
which is beyond our control ,
we will announce it in group notice at the first possible opportunity,
providing further instructions relevant to the issue. 

We won't be liable for any issues you experience while using our gaming HUD. Play on your own risk.

3. No refunds if you get banned or for malfunctions

4. Local chat and Group chat

You are allowed to use local chat and group chat and to ask for help.
It is however not allowed to give out spoilers in group chat or in local chat by giving hints and answers. You should always IM the person seeking help in order to avoid ruining the game experience for a third party.

5. What to do when you get trolled or griefed

Firstly, teleport away from the region. Griefers and trolls are looking for people's angry reactions. Don't do them the favour. It is better to teleport away and come back later, when the griefer is gone. Secondly report the griefer to Linden Lab. Find an instruction how to do so here. Last but not least, send a copy of your report as a notecard to "estelle.pienaar".

We can't however promise you that we will ban a person based on a single complaint and based on one person's word against another's.


  1. For those of you who are new to experience's, be warned that you will need to pay to use the hud to participate in this one. This one is not meant for the beginner or someone who's new to SL

  2. Yes. it is clearly stated in the text that the price is 180 LS. Well since a few days it is 95 LS only, but it's still not "free". Some people attacked me that I shouldn't call a game "Free Wilma" if it is not free. Did they also expect to go into the movie theatre for free when the movie "Free Willy" came out?

    1. hahaha Good one Estelle ! When ppl complain about things costing money on SL it makes me wonder if they think that the Linden Co. gives all this land for free to folks that are trying to provide an experience here.Ive talked to so many ppl that have come here thinking theyre going to find a way to make a load of money so they can work at home from now on.They forget that SL has been up for awhile now and many ideas have come and gone.Since you are still here,it means you've found something that ppl enjoy.Good for you!!

  3. I really wanted to play this. I teleported there, read the rules and walked all around looking for the vendor to buy the HUD and could not find it. I saw all the signs for teleports, info about the sticks, the crates, I looked in the marketplace and still couldn't find specifically where to buy the HUD. You may want to clearly mark where it is. I looked for 15 minutes and gave up. You lost a sale with me.