Monday, March 16, 2015

Hints and tips for playing "Free Wilma"

If you like to solve riddles yourself and you don't want to read anything that might oversimplify your gameplay, then beware: there are some spoilers ahead. In this case keep on playing but not reading...   ;)

If you however got stuck somewhere on your way to "Freeing Wilma" and you are looking for some help, you might find additional hints here.

Frida the cat catches a bird?

You'll find help for all the points where people already got stuck and asked for a helping hand. If you don't find a suitable hint here, please do first ask in the in-world group and if no one can help you, then post a comment to this post on my profile feed (you can log-in at that page with your usual SL username and passowrd). I will then contact you in-world or post a hint here. Keep in mind that this is a hobbyist project and I have a very busy "Real Life". So it might take some time, maybe even more than a day, before I might get back to you.

----------------- Spoilers below this line ------------------------------

1) Two of the fruits that the player needs to find seem to frustrate some players:

Grapes: The grapes are still hanging on a grapevine. So you should look for a grapevine.

Bananas: There are a lot of cabins on Escapades Island. The cliffside village cabins are only those six cabins arround the waterfall (three to the right, three to the left). You'll see the name "Cliffside Village" in the addressbar of your viewer. 

The Cliffside Village cabins

2) In Loki's shop, the cat Frida is not interested in helping the player. You'll need to get the Laptop running. Go into the shrinking machine and visit all of the floors of Loki's shop. Beware that you are looking for a charger, not for bateries. The charger is lying on the floor somewhere... One of the floors has a hidden entrance/exit to the so called "Vector Realm". If you look at the style of each floor, it should be quite obvious, which floor has such an entrance.

3) In the Goonies Club house there is a note on the table, that might help you to find the correct melodie for the Simon Game. If you don't know what a Simon Game is, you can find a description here: The game scene is a variation of a classic Simon game, because you'll need to find the "melody combination" to open the save somewhere else... 

UPDATE: For those players who are deaf or who are not able to replicate a melody of 4 tones, I have made a little Youtube video that shows the combination.

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