Thursday, August 6, 2015

Walkthrough for the game "Free Wilma"

Before reading the walkthrough, when getting stuck, do first read the tips:


First of all, you need to wear the HUD. Go to the boy “Rick” next to the HUD vendor and click on him. Talk to him and he will give you eventually the task to collect fruits and to bring them to the elephant Wilma for him. He will also give you a notecard that hints to the fruit locations.

Beware: Spoilers below this line
If you are too lazy to search for yourself, these are the approximate locations of each fruit:

But don’t forget to pick up the small basket behind the door of the small house on the same parcel. You’ll need it to collect the fruits.

Bananas: All kinds of things can be found in the cabins at Cliffside VIllage.

When you have found all fruits you should go back to Rick. He’ll tell you where to find Wilma the elephant.

Then you should give the fruits to Wilma the elephant. However she will not be able to pay you the money for Rick because a giant mouse - a.k.a. a ferret - is in her way. She asks you to get rid of it. As the ferret won’t move when you ask nicely, Wilma will send you to Loki’s shop in order to get help from Frida the cat.

Frida is however busy to open a bird’s cage and isn’t interested in helping you. The only way to advance is to make the little laptop work, which is placed next to her. You can do so by finding a charger and the secret code. Both are hidden in Loki’s shop. You’ll need to go into the shrinking machine and teleport to level 02. The charger can be found close to the desk with the kick-scooter. Then you need to go to level 04 which has a hidden entrance to the vector realm. When you enter the vector realm, you’ll see a turning sign with the code on it. Don’t just write it down, click on it!

When you have the charger and the password, do go back to the laptop and click on it. As soon as it is up and running, Loki the shop owner will call and tell the cat to leave the bird alone.

Click on the laptop once more in order to offer your help to Loki.

Then click on Frida the cat and chose the option: “Make a deal”. Frida will tell you to go to a bakery in a windmill which is on the island in order to get almond cookies. The ferret will do anything for almond cookies.

In the bakery click on baker Jim. He will tell you that all almond cookies are sold out. He has just delivered them to the Goonies club house.

At the Goonies clubhouse, you’ll find a note on the table that the cookies are locked in the “Simon Game Safe”. The combination to open it can be found in the tape recorder. If you click on the tape recorder it will play the goonies soundtrack melody. You need to replicate the tones that are in the melody with the Simon game. Once you have done that, the safe will open. For those having problems replicating a melody of 4 tones, here is a youtube video that should help:

When the safe opens, don’t forget to click on the cookies and make sure that they are in your inventory.

Then you go back to the elephant Wilma and Modsno the ferret. After you have given the cookies to Modsno, they will send you back to Rick. Rick will give you gambling coins to play with a claw machine.

Claim your prizes.

I hope you had fun!

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