Friday, August 16, 2013

Did you know that there is American Football in Second Life?

When looking at the games section of the official Second Life forums, I saw a post called "Did you know that there is American Football in Second Life?" Actually yes, I did know that and I wanted to write about American Football in Second Life for quite some time. The forum post is by Mal Galaxy, the owner of the Ohana Packers. The team exists since 2010 and has been playing in the SFL (Second Life Football League), the VIFL(Virtual Ironman Football League) - and will now be starting in the CFL (Coalition Football League).

The CFL is the newest - and so they say - most exciting 9x9 Football simulation in Second Life. The first ever season is about to start and you can still be a part of it. The Ohana Packers are currently recruiting new players and both men and women are welcome to join. And the Packers are also recruiting Cheerleaders. If you are interested in become part of the American Football community in Second Life, you should contact Mal Galaxy in-world. Or you can contact the team on Facebook.

Playing a team sports in Second Life gives you an experience that you can't find with typical console game franchises: you need to learn coordinating your action with all the other human players. Unlike in the console games, you really need to learn tactics and develop a good team play with your mates or you and your team will not stand a chance.

I also found a video on Youtube featuring a 2012 VIFL match of the Packers and it shows the typical Second Life Football game mechanics quite well (if you skip the first 30 seconds). It looks like fun! Go Packers, go! 

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