Thursday, August 15, 2013

Fish Hunt - A Second Life hunt game which can earn you some Lindens

Here is the first entry from the a game creator who submitted their game to be showcased. It's from Goldtokens who say on their website that 52.282 players have used their games to earn Lindens in Second Life. Their portfolio currently includes six games: Gold Hunt, Farm Frenzy, Snuffles, Shubbies, Noob Hunt and the Fish Hunt. Goldtokens have submitted the Fish Hunt with the following text:
It's tough for most avatars to make a living in Second Life. Why not become your own boss and earn that living as a fisherman or fisherwoman? With Fish Hunt its really easy to earn linden. What's more you get to explore some of the coolest places the grid has to offer and meet all the coolest people too! Fishing has something fun for everyone. Compete to become the best fisher on the grid, visit cool multiplier events with big crowds of fishers and make new friends!

Some additional information on the gameplay is available on the Goldtokens website and the Marketplace product description:

You'll be starting out, just like any new fisher, with limited fishing experience and equipment. We'll provide you with a free Beginner Rod and some free Worm Bait. We allow avatars to fish for free with beginner equipment, but the rest as they say is up to you! Fishing is a real skill that you'll have to develop over time. Keep gaining Fishing Experience Points and your earnings will gradually increase. Soon enough you'll be able to upgrade your fishing rod and your experience will increase even faster. 

I spent 3 minutes at the Fish Hunt sim and earned myself 0.0364 L$ in that time. With this speed, I would earn 1 LS in about 10 minutes and 6LS per hour. But Goldtokens promise on their website that top players get more Lindens: 
The Fish Hunt is a fantastic way to earn linden, particularly if you're new to Second Life. Top players can expect to earn 1,000s of L$. There are over 100 lands participating with literally 100,000s of L$ waiting to be claimed. Provided you have earned 1L$ or more you can withdraw it instantly. Just click one of our ATMs at the HQ. It's also a great gateway to explore lots of different places and meet new people!
Well I'll definitely never get to this point, but it's kind of relaxing to stand at the shore with my Fish Hunt rod and cast my line out as far as I can. Patience now...let's wait and see what I manage to fish up next.

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