Tuesday, February 12, 2019

A good riddle versus no frustration

This text is about the Rose riddle in my game "The Bug Boy".

Most of today's players would like to experience a story and not to solve riddles. And looking on the statistics of my game "The Bug Boy after the first 100 players, I discovered that almost 90% of all people who arrived at Rose stopped. There is a pattern behind the art phrases that Rose wants to hear or not. But the solution is not obvious and it takes some trial and error to succeed.

Monday, January 21, 2019

Finally launched: The Bug Boy

After being so frustrated with the amount of work needed to finish my game "The bug boy", I decided to take a hiatus from Second Life. I did not expect it to get that long: 10 Months.
Well, I am back, I finished the game and now you can enjoy it! 😎

"A boy has gone missing. Will you find him alive? And will the inhabitants of the island help you in your quest or place obstacles in your path? In this story based adventure game you will enter a world of wonder, childhood fantasy and comic characters." Click here to find the starting point.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

A sign of life: New game coming soon(ish)

I would have never thought that between my first game "Free Wilma" and my the next adventure game for Second Life, three years would pass. Well, I have had a hiatus for one year and a half. But also working on the upcoming game has taken much longer than I thought. In October I was confident that I could publish it by the end of 2017. Now it is February and I am still not ready.

Soon, you will finally be able to go on another "Reveries Quest" and experience an interactive story called "The Bug Boy". The scenes of this point-and-click story will hopefully immerse you into an anarchic fantasy world on Escapades Island featuring a sleep talking racoon, a cheeky faun and three bored birds, called the Bordies. Meet and help the characters on your way and finally find and save the vanished Bug Boy, Nils.

In order to finish my own quest to finalise this game I am looking for six beta testers. I will organise a test run next Saturday, February 10 starting at 1pm SLT. The first six people writing a notecard to Estelle Pienaar will be invited to participate in the beta test. The winners will be notified next Wednesday 7 February. Are you going to be the adventurer who will not only save Nils but also help me to finish this new game?

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Play "Ezmerg's Candy Nightmare"

Ezmerg has been abducted from his Goblin village. He is now cooking candy all day. Can you find and help him? 

Come and play this new FREE point and click adventure at Escapades. 

Taxi to Escapades:

Thursday, August 6, 2015

My experience with creating Free Wilma

A few months after the launch of "Free Wilma", my résumé is mixed. There have been arround 250 players, about 10 per week. It is much less than I thought and I had much less income than I would need in order to cover my land costs. Less than half of the players actually finished the game. I think that the riddles are not too hard and the story is not too long, but quite a lot of players dropped out.

As a result I have now written a complete walkthrough. I want to make sure that people don't stop playing because they get stuck somewhere.

I have also decided to lower the price of the game from 180 LS to 95 LS and see if that  raises the number of players . Customers who have bought the HUD previously will at some point get the chance to receive a 50 LS return, if they fill out a feedback form. Customers will be notified by a message.

There seem to be at least two people where the HUD seems to have produced a show-stopper bug and they were not able to continue at a certain point. What is very frustrating is that I have not been able to reproduce the bug.

I also have some problems with my database scripts. I should have sorted these problems months ago, but I had not time. Let's see when I can get to it.

Walkthrough for the game "Free Wilma"

Before reading the walkthrough, when getting stuck, do first read the tips:


First of all, you need to wear the HUD. Go to the boy “Rick” next to the HUD vendor and click on him. Talk to him and he will give you eventually the task to collect fruits and to bring them to the elephant Wilma for him. He will also give you a notecard that hints to the fruit locations.

Beware: Spoilers below this line

Monday, March 16, 2015

Hints and tips for playing "Free Wilma"

If you like to solve riddles yourself and you don't want to read anything that might oversimplify your gameplay, then beware: there are some spoilers ahead. In this case keep on playing but not reading...   ;)

If you however got stuck somewhere on your way to "Freeing Wilma" and you are looking for some help, you might find additional hints here.

Frida the cat catches a bird?

You'll find help for all the points where people already got stuck and asked for a helping hand. If you don't find a suitable hint here, please do first ask in the in-world group and if no one can help you, then post a comment to this post on my profile feed (you can log-in at that page with your usual SL username and passowrd). I will then contact you in-world or post a hint here. Keep in mind that this is a hobbyist project and I have a very busy "Real Life". So it might take some time, maybe even more than a day, before I might get back to you.

----------------- Spoilers below this line ------------------------------