Sunday, February 4, 2018

A sign of life: New game coming soon(ish)

I would have never thought that between my first game "Free Wilma" and my the next adventure game for Second Life, three years would pass. Well, I have had a hiatus for one year and a half. But also working on the upcoming game has taken much longer than I thought. In October I was confident that I could publish it by the end of 2017. Now it is February and I am still not ready.

Soon, you will finally be able to go on another "Reveries Quest" and experience an interactive story called "The Bug Boy". The scenes of this point-and-click story will hopefully immerse you into an anarchic fantasy world on Escapades Island featuring a sleep talking racoon, a cheeky faun and three bored birds, called the Bordies. Meet and help the characters on your way and finally find and save the vanished Bug Boy, Nils.

In order to finish my own quest to finalise this game I am looking for six beta testers. I will organise a test run next Saturday, February 10 starting at 1pm SLT. The first six people writing a notecard to Estelle Pienaar will be invited to participate in the beta test. The winners will be notified next Wednesday 7 February. Are you going to be the adventurer who will not only save Nils but also help me to finish this new game?

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