Sunday, August 18, 2013

Magellan’s Grid Scavenger Hunt - Solve puzzles in Linden premium areas

Magellan Linden has created a hunt game. He asks players to gather materials and components and to destroy the machines of the evil adversary. Magellan has built a laboratory on the Isles of Ice which serves as a starting point in order to learn more, get equipped and start the hunt! If you are a premium member, that is... The scavenger hunt is set in the Linden areas and as such also tours the Premium areas.

Magelan certainly has a special sense of humor.  You get to stop Mole people who normally are friendly but are now controlled by an evil mole named Dr. Talpa. The hunt HUD is called "Magellan's Omnispectral Monocle" or M.O.M - which he recommends to wear with pride. But on top of that are the special quests where you need to be wearing a mind protection hat in form of a sucker fish. Just look at the cute photo below from Maddy Gynoid...

Maddy Gynoid wearing a sucker fish hat
Maddy's presents his game impressions in a blog post and he seems to be having quite some fun:
Delivering a crystalI: The game starts at a station in the eternal ice. Once you have received the HUD, you can complete a tutorial in which Magellan explains the functions of the HUD by voice. The voice gives a pretty weird impression of him, but this actually fits to the pictures we see of Magellan at start and during the Hunt. The first destination is the well-known oil rig, which is located exactly between the two old Mainland continents. Here you have to collect a crystal, which is a pretty easy task.

Maddy finds a crystal
Racer's Gulch: Then you need to get to the racer's Gulch to blow up a bridge and then again to Poseidon Iceland, where you have to rescue a mini-rock monster from Linden Realms. Both quests are still fairly simple and in the latter your reward will be a rock monster Shoulder Pet :)

Maddy's new shoulder pet
The HUD for the Hunt: I think that the HUD is well done. It shows you matching images for each task, your target area, the mission goal and a teleport button for returning to the base quickly. It also shows you how far away you are from your hunt target.

The hunt HUD is called "Magellan's Omnispectral Monocle" or M.O.M

The first really difficult task awaits Cape Ekim. I was able to solve relatively quickly though, because I've already been there one and a half years ago, but for people who do not know the place, this is really a tough quest. 
The first of two missions to the Wilderness regions is again very simple. And they are eye candy, because this level is one of the most beautiful regions of Second Life. [Echt Virtuell]
I won't translate the rest of Maddy's post (he wrote his impressions in German) but I can tell you that the other quests also look fun. After reading Maddy's review I can't wait to start playing Magellan's Grid Scavenger Hunt. I want that sucker fish hat and the task of solving Magelan's weird puzzles. It's also a great opportunity to see the Linden Premium areas that I haven't visited so far. Last but not least the game free... if you have a Premium account. 

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  1. Thank you for presenting my blog post to a wider audience.

    I would also like to add, that it is not necessary to solve all the tasks of the hunt. If you get stuck somewhere and find no solution to go ahead, then you can also return to the base and start the next task.

    But the real hunters naturally want it all. :)