Friday, February 22, 2013

Welcome to the true AXIS OF EVIL

So far I have only presented one SL shooter game on this blog: the MMO snowball game. The reason why I haven't written more about shooting games is that I suck so badly at playing them. Recently I tried one shooter that was really amazing, so here is my second SL shooter review: Welcome to the "AXIS OF EVIL".

The level design, the NPC monsters, the sound effects, everything is so elaborated that my adrenaline levels rose to unknown highs  The zombie shooting game is quite obviously inspired by the video game franchise "Resident Evil". If you believe that Second Life isn't a good platform for action shooters then visit the "Axis of Evil" and then think again. Of course the overall graphics resemble more the first Resident evil game in 2002 than recent releases. But the concept works: the zombies and the scenery create a great apocalyptic atmosphere. Here is a video created by Loki Elliot showing some of the raw charme of the "Axis of Evil" sim.

There are several different levels to play and quests to be accomplished. New quests are announced on the facebook page. The HUD used for the fighting is called Grim Combat System (GCS). It measures your health, holds your inventory, counts your kills and awards you with experience points which are counted by a leaders board that compares your performance with all other players.

If you die, you need to restart from the beginning: the hud will make a teleport button appear which resets the game. There are several types of monsters and their attacking modes are based on the new pathfinding tools - finally some proof that bringing pathfinding to Second Life was a good move.

One thing that is different to a console shooter is that monsters will appear infinitely So it's not a good idea to take cover and shoot. Instead you should always continue to move forward. First pass the zombies and then turn around and shoot them. Oh and one other odd thing is that you cannot shoot the zombies when they come too close. Gain some distance first and then continue shooting.

Here is another very long video from the Axis of Evil. If you get bored, skip some parts as there are really nice scenes in the middle of the video. I will definitely go back to the Axis of Evil in the future. Maybe you'll join me?

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