Sunday, April 7, 2013

Rabid Rabbits - A Second Life Experience Game from Loki Eliot

Loki Eliot has released a new game on Easter Monday and it combines adventure game with hunt game and jump'n'run game elements. Go and help the Goblins to get their Sacred Statues back from the Rabid Rabbits. Play a game of finding Rabbit holes, bashing Bunnies, collecting Sacred Statues and pleasing the Goblin King of the Goblins. 
Using the free HUD you meet the Goblin King, get a given a weapon and sent to search the island for nine Rabid Rabbit Holes, each containing a Sacred Statue. The game length depends on how quick you can find the Rabbit Holes and can be from 15 mins to an hour. It uses RPG story telling elements at the start before letting you loose with a weapon system that has its own damage system where you need to eat sushi to regain health.
The cinema clips at the start and end of the game are a real innovation in Second Life. The camera angles change with every scene. And there is even a funny prize to be won. The game is for free, but you can buy a map of the hidden bunny holes if you don't want to search for them.

If you are interested in SL game design, then you'll appreciate Loki's blog post on how he created the game.

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