Monday, March 18, 2013

Kanomi Pikajuna's game reviews

New residents often ask themselves "What can I do in SL?". If they want to play a game, they won't find information easily. Back in November last year, I listed online sources on SL games. 

Part of that list was the games category of New World Notes. Today, when looking for information on "The Kaaos Effect" from Madpea, I realised that in 2009 an excellent series of game reviews called "Kanomi Plays" was published on NWN. These blog posts are worth a read because these games are still up an running - what shows their quality.

Picture of Kanomi Pikajuna taken from the New World Notes blog

Apart from "En garde" and "The Crack Den" I have not been familiar with these games. I will play some of them in the coming weeks and I might also blog about my experience. If you want to join me, don't forget to sign-up for my in-world group - then you'll get a notice when I go to these places.

Here is a short overview of the games that Kanomi presented on the New World Notes blog:

Kanomi Plays: An Adventure Game Called The Kaaos Effect

An SL advanture game by MadPea based on a HUD. "Throughout your journeys you will be given other objects and textures that serve as props and clues to help you solve the puzzles".

Kanomi Plays: En Garde, Turn-Based Fencing Strategy Based On Officially Licensed Board Game

The description might sound a little weird: "En garde" is a fencing game, a strategy game and a game based on cards. But the mix works: "Players start on opposite ends of a long row of squares called a fencing piste. To move along the board, you simply play a card, choosing to advance or retreat, by the number on your card. A touch is scored when you are able to advance onto your opponent".

Kanomi Plays: Roleplay Gaming Combat System Called RPCS

SL assembles hundreds of roleplay sims. Most of these sims need a system of rules and guidelines defining when an action succeeds or fails. RPCS is such a gaming system that can be implemented on a sim and customized to the sim owner's liking: You can set up a theme and a whole roleplaying environment.

Kanomi Plays: RAGE, a Melee Combat Tournament Game

RAGE Fighting Championships was one of the longer-running fighting venues. Fighting in RAGE was done by wearing a HUD and its accompanying damage meter, then running around the ring throwing blows on your opponent. There was skill involved, not only in knowing when to attack and when to block, but also what position to take to angle in for the best blows. While RAGE might not exist anymore (I couldn't find them today), their combat system called "Combat Evolution" by Abranimations still exists and is used by other fighting communities.

Kanomi Plays: Dark Urban RP Gaming In The Crack Den

The Crack Den is an RP environment "that takes place in a virtual city called Hathian, which has the bombed-out look of post-industrial Detroit. The corners are occupied by hustlers, hookers, stalkers, gangsters, and corrupt cops. It's not a nice place to be, but it has to be understood as roleplaying setting".

Kanomi Plays: Tiny Empires 3000, Addictive Strategy Game

Tiny Empires is played entirely through a HUD and has otherwise nothing to do with the Second Life environment. (On this blog I only review games that are based on the Second Life avatar being a game character.)

Kanomi Plays: Khet, Chess Meets Disco In Your Second Life

Khet is a board game simulation in Second Life. (On this blog I only review games that are based on  the Second Life avatar being a game character.)

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