Saturday, August 31, 2013

TT Sports brings sport games to Second Life

I found this promotion text of a Second Life shop selling a variety of sport game mods:
For those sports enthusiasts who want to bring their joy of the games into Second Life, then TT Sports is the best place around. Located as part of the TT Enterprises landmark in Second Life, TT Sports offers avatars the chance to play basketball, volleyball, tennis and ping pong. (Search Amateur)
Having fun with a Curling game by TT Sports
I got curious and visited the TT sports shop and I found also a soccer, beach ball and curling game. I have personally only tried the tennis and the curling system. The curling game was very intuitive and fun to play. It was really easy to start a game and compete with my friends. 

The TT tennis court in the in-world store
The tennis game seemed to be rather hard to play. I and a friend, we were just making services without managing a successful return. Maybe we should have read the instructions first. The tennis game has some really neat features: It is possible to play a singles game or a doubles (2 vs 2) game.The racket includes realistic tennis animations and there are two types of rackets available of which one is easier to use and the other gives more control over the swing. The players can also chose two ball speeds, one with a realistic speed and one with a slow speed for an easier game play. Maybe I should try the slower speed next time and train a bit with the single player practice mode.

The only Youtube video of TT Sports games that I found was an instruction video for the TT basketball system. It also looks like a rather simple to play system:

TT Sports makes some great SL sports games and you can try them for free in their in-world store. Just bring some friends, read the instructions, rez a ball and start your game.


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