Tuesday, September 3, 2013

My personal Top 5 of Second Life games - September 2013

Each Month I publish my personal and biased top 5 list of my current favorite games in Second Life. Find below my September list of personal favorites  Let me know in the comments what choices you agree and disagree with.

Simball - a fast paced team sports game with frenetic gravity-defying action 

September 2013
Special mentioning in memoriam: CRY OF THE PEACOCK HUNT 

Why I have chosen these 5 games: 
Simball is new on my list and makes it directly to the top. It's an exciting fast paced team sports game that only exists in the virtual world of Second Life. It has frenetic gravity-defying action and combines the elements of several sports: ice-hokey and football played in a pinball machine and on hoverboards with special powers and abilities. You should definitely try this funny team sport with some friends!

The Warbug planes have a great vehicles script - they are very maneuverable, so you can put all your concentration and focus on battling the opponents.  The developers put much effort in little details such as customisable paint of the airplanes, cool engine sounds and particle effects when getting hit.

The Maze is down from first to third place. This is due to a current reshuffle leading to the closing of a great part of the combat areas. But the first new levels are finished and a lot of fun to play. The Maze remains the most advanced shooter game mod in Second Life. The location, the weapons, the opponents - it all creates a fascinating atmosphere. 

Magellan Linden's Scavenger Hunt reflects the weird humor of its creator. He asks players to gather materials and components and to destroy the machines of an evil adversary. You get to stop Mole people who normally are friendly but are now controlled by an evil mole named Dr. Talpa. And there are the special quests where you need to be wearing a mind protection hat in form of a sucker fish. A great outfit to explore the Linden Premium areas in this hunt.

The Coalition Football League (CFL) is the newest and probably most exciting Football simulation in Second Life. The first ever season is about to start and you can still be a part of it. Playing a team sports in Second Life gives you an experience that you can't find in typical console game franchises: you need to learn coordinating your action with all the other human players. Unlike in the console games, you really need to learn tactics and develop a good team play with your mates or you and your team will not stand a chance.

Special mentioning in memoriam:

Unfortunately the Cry of the Peacock hunt only lasted for four weeks - so it couldn't make it in my favorite game list. It has been a great hunt taking place with an immersive story and a professionally developed environment. Solving the riddles and tasks was fun and I hope you played it while the hunt was on! 

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