Sunday, September 8, 2013

Neurolab Z-tronic bikes - the most stylish way to race in Second Life

A Second Life game category that I haven't presented so far on my blog is racing. Racing events are organised with countless vehicles, be it motorcycles, cars, hovercraft, airplanes, boats, snowboards, fantastical crafts, giant snails or even flying breadable dragons.

Some races are organised spontaneously and for fun between SL friends. Some racing groups organize entire racing series with with daily or weekly events. When searching for racing game mods in Second Life I found hundreds of small communities that have their own racing track and leagues.

One rather unique racing community is based on the Neurolab Z-Tronic Bike system. It's the most stylish way to race in Second Life: the bikes and the racing tracks are inspired by the visuals of the Tron movie. The drivers don't race to reach the finish line of a track, they race to
battle and "kill" each other. If you want to join the community, The Z-tronic battlelog blog gives updates on upcoming contests, available arenas and displays a live score list of the top drivers.

Driving a Z-Tronic bike with matching cloths from Loki Eliot

The bikes have one of the best - if not the best - vehicle scripts that I have experienced in Second Life. It provides a great balance of speed and agility (the Youtube video above doesn't really show this). The Z-Tronic bike is definitely highly competitive to any other racing bike in Second Life. And it is eye candy - built with a high quality mesh and ultra realistic baked textures. 

The battle arenas are designed to enable drivers to handle their vehicle easily even when reaching high speed levels. If you want to test the Z-Tronic bikes you can do so in the arenas. You can temporarily rez and drive a bikes there. Players who decide to buy their own bike can profit from a wide range of customization designs. Rez your temporary bike for free at NLAB Inc. Mount your machine and enjoy the speed!

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