Saturday, September 14, 2013

Siden, a horror, survival and combat sim in Second Life

This might sound strange but I am actually not spending much time in Second Life playing all those games that I write about. I only have a very limited spare time each day and I need to make a choice if I want to blog or just enjoy playing for myself. The last days I have been immersed in two Second Life shooting games leaving me less time to write texts for this blog.

Is it a picture or an apparition?
One great roleplay and shooting game that I can't stop playing is the so called Siden combat system on the Siden Survival/Horror sim. It has been around for some time, but I only recently discovered it. The Siden combat system has the most detailed combat system that I have seen so far in Second Life and I am still discovering new things. That's why I hopefully will write a full review at a later stage. Here are what some other bloggers wrote about Siden:

The detail here is pretty amazing, from foggy and rainy areas to places that are completely overrun with growth and negligence (not that you can neglect areas on Second Life; you actually have to work to make it look like that!), and little areas hidden everywhere with supplies for those who are wearing the HUD and are role-playing there. Food, medicine, gas, etc, etc. It's all so complicated and all very, very impressive. (Second Life Adventures
Siden is an amazing sim, filled with creatures to kill, as well as a vampire castle, a pirate ship, an abandoned town, an elf cave, a place to relax with your partner, and even a hell world. Adding all of this, along with the hud, the weapons, the staff, and the visitors, this is a place a lot of people should check out.
Siden is mainly a creature killing sim, using a hud, along with a lot of weapons. The creatures found here are, rats, minor apparitions, apparitions, strong apparitions, angry ghosts, elder ghosts, hell apparitions, guardians, and then there are the bosses, the Blade Lady, Death Tree, Ghost Lizzy, Flesh Lizzy, and the Siden Van (Siden Mini Event). Of course, the bosses are difficult to defeat. It wouldn't be fun if it was easy. (SL Newser)
Beware of the zombies

That's all for now, folks. I need to get back to the Siden sim with my pump-gun and shoot some zombies and apparitions.

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