Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Madpea's Lennon Park Massacre hunt - a horrific story to jump into

The September Madpea hunt game called the Lennon Park Massacre -will be launched on September 1 at 11am and provide you with a horrific story to jump into. Invest another tragic incident: 
12 teens and 3 camp counselors were found dead in a tragic school bus fire 1 year ago. The bus had just left a summer camp at Lennon Park.  A single teen survivor, Madison Walkner, was able to escape the flames and call 911. The bad publicity closed Lennon Park and the abandoned camp was never investigated, until now.  (Madpea blog)

Well, as I play a teen avatar in Second Life I am not overly enthusiastic about teens found dead. I definitely need investigate who really caused the terrible accident by following clues, studying the evidence, and learning the truth behind the Lennon Park Massacre. The hunt location will be in the Lennon park.

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