Sunday, August 25, 2013

After the Fall - Dark Urban Roleplay with the Riot Combat System

The Riot Combat System - a new game system which allows players to level up by in-game credits - has its first roleplay sim for interactive "Dark Urban Roleplay" called "After The Fall" (AFT).

The first location that the exploratoin quest HUD wanted me to find: the hospital

After The Fall (AFT) has been launched in May 2013. The settings have been created by the newest graphical and SL performance standards. New players can immerse into the roleplay world easily since the background story is presented in a comic book way - it's a great idea to get into a new roleplay setting without a steep learning curve. You just need to wear the comic book HUD from the welcome pack in-world. There is even a Youtube video version of the comic (below).

Another nice idea to introduce newcomers to ATF quickly and to give them some tasks that they can do on their own is an exploration quest HUD that gives the player little exercises such as "visit the following locations on the sim". After playing the quests, you'll be familiar with the sim, the community rules and the roleplay aims. This is really the best introduction to a roleplay community that I have ever seen!

The Quests of the exploration HUD
Last but not least the roleplayers on the AFT sim can use the exciting new Riot Combat System for their fights. If I had more time for roleplay, this would be a place I'd definately explore it further.

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