Friday, August 23, 2013

My wishlist for a real "Bashable Combat System" in Second Life

This post refers to my enthusiastic review of Loki's Bashables System 4.0 a few weeks ago.

Dear Loki

I know that you have just finished your bashables system version 4 and the result is awesome
I have been lately looking at some other systems, namely the Grim Combat System and the Riot combat system and I think that your system plays pretty much in the same league.

The Bashables system is now getting close to a real combat system - maybe even better than many existing combat systems on the market. I know that you are very busy and that "life is not a music request programme", but I'd like to share my ideas how to make the Bashables system even better - most of them are inspired by what I saw with the Grim Combat System.

1) Bashables need a "Player versus Player" option
I think that your bashable system is really fun, because it is - for SL standards - fairly simple to control the avatar and the attacks. It would be totally great if we could use this system to duel other players. A PvP option - that can be switched on and off - ensures that we fight with each others permission. (Do you remember the "Separatist Goony" roleplay? How exciting could a bashing fight have been that day...)

2) Give people the opportunity to store energy upgrades
It would be great if we could collect some food from bashable objects (that would appear on a random basis when hitting bashable objects) and carry it with us - as an inventory item in the HUD. We could then use it when the energy level gets low during a fight

3) Give people the possibility to level up
I think it would be great if players could level up their skills TEMPORARILY. There could be for example RARE "life points" that a player can find when hitting a bashable object. When finding one "life point" the maximum energy level is raised for one week from 10 to 11 (from 11 to 12 and so on). It is probably very hard to programme temporary upgrades in a HUD. But I really don't like that people in all existing Combat Systems level-up too easy, too much and forever. Newcomers usually don't stand a chance to win a fight against experienced players.

4) Input of trusted players 
Give trusted players the opportunity to be the villain in MMO-fights like the Glorb (see video below). Give players the possibility to create villains and bashable NPC-monsters like the goblins, by providing them with the necessary bashable NPC-scripts.

5) Sell your system components on the marketplace
Like the Grim Combat System, your bahsable system could easily be a game creators kit for everyone. Sell the HUD-givers, NPC-monsters, Sushi-bars etc. on the marketplace.

Loki, now you know how Linden Lab feels when you come up with your great ideas and ask them to implement them. You'll probably say "the ideas are not bad but I don't have the resources to put this into practice". Rest assured that I would be already happy with a PvP option. The rest would be a cherry on the cake. 

With kind regards,


PS: For the readers of my blog who missed my video on the bashables fight with the Glorb, you can find it once more here.


  1. Hi Stella,

    The Bashables System is never finished and the ideas you post here are ones mostly already been thinking about but you have to remember I'm not a programmer and every idea has to be researched, i have to learn how to code it. It takes ages and the more complex it becomes the harder it is for me to figure out she things go wrong. Frankly I'm surprised it hasn't yet got to a point where i have to stop because of not knowing whats going on.

    1. PvP is something I've thought about on and off, and I've never been keen on adding such a thing to bashables since sits more of a tools system rather than a combat system. If i do a combat system it will be separate from Bashables i think.

    2. Collecting items in an inventory is on the cards, but its way down the development road somewhere after LL release Experience tools. Eventually i will need to amok a test experience that plays around with inventory items that unlock other experiences.

    3. I considered Levelling up and what that would be for. What would you level up? and why would you want to? I thought may e you could find armour or new tools that helped you do things easier. In another project its intended to have a ranking system based on points where the more points you have the more renown the ranking. Ive got Mat working on this when he has time to. I have no idea how to do score systems or ranking or storing scores for future use.

    At the moment points and levelling up and Ranking seems far to complex, and i don't like using things i don't understand. So until i figure it out you won't see levelling up.

    4. I've said at town meetings that i intend to let trusted RP friends access to special NPCs to conduct Flash Events on the island. The System is not ready yet.

    5. You will not see the Bashable system or its components on Marketplace until I'm happy with it. As far as I'm concerned there is still a lot to work out. I only just got the health system to work correctly and the fact you can miss the permissions request when attaching the HUD shows it's not ready.

  2. Would love to see the video below but seems set to private....
    the whole Bashable thing might be neat for machinima makers too :)