Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Still feel the need for a scare? Visit Nu'ville Horrors in Second Life!

This year's Helloween brought us a real overkill of horror builds in Second Life. We did see some fantastic games like "The Well Sollicitus" or "System Failure" and many themed events and places. I really hoped that the horror theme is sucked dry for good, but a nicely done latecomer arrived on the scene: the creators and real life sisters, Anya Ohmai (owner of Ohmai) and Suetabulous Yootz (owner of Beetlebones), have released Nuville Horrors - a Second Life experience (running until February 2nd).

Nu'ville Horrors is an immersive experience with a ride to enjoy and a hunt with 50 gifts. "At the spooky town of Nuville your final destination will be the 13th floor, so why don't you take your time and knock on each and every door?" Well, the entry prize for this experience could be an obstacle for some: you can either join the group for 800 lindens and get unlimited access to the sim or pay 100 lindens for a bus ticket (which is valid for 12 hours). Fellow bloggers write that the prizes are of such a great quality that they are well worth the expenses.

Nuville is almost like a Second Life theme park. Lest you think Nuville's not worth the price of admission, the horror-inspired sim experience revolves around a scenic tour of the area by bus, while the sim's key landmark (a crumbling apartment complex) is peppered with 50 unique gifts made by the talented duo. [Iris Ophelia on NWN]
DrFran Babcock has published a detailed review on the SL Newser blog and features an interview with Suetabulous and Anya:
I don’t want to give away too much, so I will tell you that Anya and Suetabulous have filled this apartment building with gifts and prizes that are as much fun to have as they are to find. It took me a few times to gather all the prizes that are shown on a HUD given out for the hunt. Some of the better hunters finished quickly. I still haven’t found the rumored 13th floor as of this writing, but I continue to try. My favorite hunt gift is the bat avatar, that is the opposite of the cute, harmless little hamsters that were all the rage a year ago.
As soon as I will be back at my computer from my recent holiday break, I will play this SL experience. Hopefully it's the last horror build I visit until next year at Helloween time...


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