Saturday, November 2, 2013

System Failure - a fascinating point and click adventure in Second Life

These are great times for people who love to play games based on the Second Life platform. Halloween is the period when a lot of Second Life builders want to present something special. Yesterday I found another Second Life game that is absolutely amazing: System Failure.

What is the secret behind these little robots with chain saw limbs?
System Failure is the seventh "Halloween Survival Game" by Pulse Games and it is open until November 17 - so don't miss it! It is a point and click adventure game in the tradition of LucasArts' Maniac Mension or Monkey Island. It is an completely interactive, story driven Second Life gaming experience with multiple levels across several sims. There are challenging puzzles, some scares and even hidden prizes from dozens of famous designers. And despite this attractive gaming package, the whole experience is for free.
Shield Technologies is one of the largest and most omnipresent corporations of the modern world, researching, developing and producing some of the most advanced products we all use every day to better our lives. But what is happening at their newest and most expensive facility will terrify you! Where did all the workers go and why did they leave all their belongings behind? It's up to YOU to find out and what you uncover, could kill you! [pulsegames.blogspot]

I have never seen such an sophisticated HUD system in Second Life for a point and click game. When you reach certain areas, hints will be shown in the chat and when you click on items containing information, little stories will be displayed in the HUD. Items that you collect will unlock new levels. The difficulty level is just perfect: challenging enough while allowing a fluid advancement of the story.
You will need to collect  7 special items from throughout the game by performing tasks, or solving simple puzzles to advance. Some levels are short and some are longer, some have puzzles to solve and some don't. The game is linear even though it may not seem like it. We tried to make the puzzles simple yet challenging. We found out that some players do better helping each other in groups and that is definitely encouraged! It is in your best interest and much cooler to read everything you find on the story of "SYSTEM FAILURE". You never know where a clue will be and to move ahead you will need all the info you can get. Notes, pictures and objects will contain clues for puzzles as well as add storyline. If something stands out to you, click it! [notecard information for System Failure]
The only downside to this game is its own success: being a free amazing experience with lot's of high quality giveaways on one hand and needing a lot of scripts for the story telling on the other hand, the numerous players will suffer a lot of lag. You should try to go there at times when there is not so much traffic or you need to be patient when trying to move. The story is however so enthralling that I just couldn't stop playing - despite the heavy lag.

[Spoiler] In the unlikely event that you get stuck, you can find a walk-through of the game by SirJohn on Youtube. [End of Spoiler]

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