Saturday, April 5, 2014

Emerging from "The Lost Mine"

I haven't been playing Second Life for a few months due to lack of spare time. But when I heard that Madpea has ended their hiatus from developing SL hunts, well that was a good reason for me to return and play it.

In the hunt you will have to find the portal of the Lost Mine of Stonehaven, a long lost mine, kept secret by its creators, full of gold, gems, chalices, and other such wonders. A certain Professor Peabody found the Lost Mine, but accidentally ripped up the treasure map, mistaking it for his grocery list. Now he's asking for adventurers to help him reclaim the pieces of the treasure map, put it back together, and enter this story world to find the mine once again.

The hunt differs from traditional Madpea hunts because you won't travel to shopping locations searching for one hidden item. The whole game is placed in two sims: Madcity and the Dwarfins. In Madcity you will search for the map peaces:
The pieces can be anywhere! Inside or outside... and if someone else has picked up the piece right in front of your nose, then it disappears and you must search for a new one. (
After having found 20 map pieces, you will learn the location of the portal of the Lost Mine of Stonehaven, however it is necessary to then find 20 crystals that will serve as keys to open the portal. If you find the search of the map pieces and the crystals tiring, you can employ a little helper:

Both MadPea and Dwarfins have some very special companions for your adventure! The Clue Finders give you a huge advantage in the game, as they will point you towards the active items you need to find to be able to move on. They will tell you if you're within 20m, 15m, 10m or right next to the item. Of course they look super cute as well when they walk by your side! (
I really loved the clue finder, it's a very helpful new feature. The Lost Mine itself reminded me of the Lost Treasure hunt. The locations are build with great attention to detail, from the particle effects and sounds accompanying animations to the challenging puzzles and riddles. Don't miss the hunt that will be available until the end of this month.

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