Sunday, July 14, 2013

Warbug - an SL aerial combat game

Picture source: LUCKY KITTY CREW

When playing the Room 326 hunt last week, I came to a sim with cute little aeroplanes. They were sold for dog fights and for bombing target marks. These warbugs looked really cool and so I searched for more information on this game concept. The creator Arduenn Schwartzman explains the basics in an interview on the MadPea blog:
Crossing sims has always been a problem in SL. Especially with fast-moving objects. So that's why I had the idea of making smaller and slower planes - not necessarily for tinies or micros, but also normally sized avatars. They would just have to squeeze their arms and legs together to fit in. That's how the WarBugs were born. I made then fly slower so a single sim would be more than enough for dogfights.
The warbugs may not be the fastest aircrafts in SL, but flying them is definately a fun experience. If you want to get a first impression of this SL aerial combat game, you should watch this really video with a "star wars" version of the warbugs:

You can watch more videos and a score list on the official warbug homepage

SL blogger Lindal Kidd wrote a review about these aircrafts:
WarBugs are terminally cute little pudgy, round-bodied airplanes.  They look more like something unbolted from an amusement park ride than the Terror of the Skies.  (In fact, you can buy a WarBug merry-go-round!)  But, unlike my super-scale, super-fast F-104 Starfighter, WarBugs are FUN!
Anyway...these tiny planes are very maneuverable, but they fly slow, so it's easy to stay in one sim and not worry too much about region boundary crashes.  They take off in about ten meters, so you don't need much of a runway.  They have cool engine sounds.  They have guns, and you can buy a bomb-drop accessory for them.  They have other accessories aerial obstacle course of asteroids or planets, and various aerial targets you can shoot at and blow up.  You can dogfight in them, and scores are kept on the WarBug web site.
SL blogger Reenoobed highlighted the great product range that can be found in the Warbug headquarters:
If you aren’t familiar with the Warbugs I really recommend a visit.  There are a variety of vehicles to purchase, to win in the lucky chair, as well as demos if you click the windsock.  You can also purchase the Warbug kit so that you can build your own out of anything that you have mod rights too.  There were a couple fellows there when I stopped in and they showed me all the silly things they turned into Warbugs, including a turtle.  I asked if any of them had tried make a flying bathtub, and though they hadn’t I suspect I may see one on the next visit.
I hope you are now curious too - if yes, then you'll find the Warbug airplane hanger and store here.

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