Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Fennux - an SL breedable game with a duels feature

After presenting you the Dwarfins more than half a year ago, I thought it is high time to write about another SL breedables game. So today I am going to present you the Fennux.
More great Fennux pictures at Vexing Vixen's Vexations

The Fennux team has written a really good roundup of their breedable and mention all the features in just a few words:
The Fennux are breedable pets that feature dueling, crafting of rare coats, community events and more. You can walk your Fennux, wear them on your shoulder, carry them around, feed them, breed them, and even duel your friends (or enemies). Come see The Fennux in-world by visiting the main sim location today.

The Fennux - Official Preview from Team Fennux on Vimeo

I especially like the possibility to have Fennux duels as you can also see in the video above. You are able to challenge other breeders to Duels whenever you are near a Dueling Arena. You may also challenge an NPC Fennux to a duel whenever other breeders are not available, or you simply want to play solo. Dueling is based on a very basic game principle: The player can choose at every game round between three different moves: "Cast spell", "claw attack", "roll attack". If you know how to play Rock, Paper, Scissors then you know how to duel Fennux. There is even a scoreboard of the top duelists.

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