Friday, July 12, 2013

Loki's "Bashables" 4.0 and NPC melee fights

When opening his Escapades sim in September 2010, Loki also introduced a 'Bashables' game where you can smash things up using a stick. This system allows you to activate a stick or other weapons to bash things on the island with one click on a bash button of a HUD (heads up display) . When hitting a bashable object, it will dissapear. Sometimes a gift is found when the object is destroyed or the player gets "a monstrous surprise": some of the bashable objects have different monsters that appear when being hit.

Loki has enhanced his Bashables game over the years and with his "Rabbid Rabbits" game and the Bashables 4.0 update, he has added a health status and a "game over" feature. Players without life energy get teleported to a "lost point" on the island. 

Currently Loki is experimenting with an NPC health and arms system which transforms his Bashing game into a really fun melee game. I have made a video of one of his beta test fights. If you watch the video, you'll immediately see that it's a real fun experience. But don't think that the Glorb is a Non-Player-Character (NPC). He is at the contrary a real avatar steared by a real life person. In the game the Glorb is much stronger than the players wearing the Bashable hud and he has to be defeated in a team fight.

Also at the moment it is not possible for SL users to randomly play the role of the villain. Only Loki can do so as he wants to avoid griefers using the NPC system for attacking sim visitors. Therefore if you want to play this game, you need to get into contact with Loki and convince him that he should organise a melee fight.

Loki demonstrating Bashables 4.0 - picture by Nat Merit
I hope that Loki will develop some more villain characters (at least one female...) and that he will give some long standing SL Goonies (like me) the right to play villains and organise melee fights every now and then. I'd definately volunteer to be the bad girl...!

Until then you can go to the Escapades sim and try out the Bashables game and beat the hell out of some objects. The hud system and the basic stick are free. There is also a free samurai sword hidden on the sim that you can find. It is hidden up a hill and close to a little fountain. So wear your bashable gear and have some fun!

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