Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Catching up with MadPea projects: "Unia" and the "Room 326 hunt"

It has been a long time since I wrote my last blog post. My first life is simply too busy and I have almost no time left to share my Second Life gaming experiences with you. I am therefore planning to change the concept of this blog. In the future I will try to collect and highlight what other people are writing about games in Second Life rather than writing long posts myself.

Let's do some catching up and let's start with MadPea. They closed all of their Sims in-world with a "Big Zombie Invasion" party on May 31st. All current games that MadPea had on the grid were blown up: The Kaaos Effect, Reaction, Storybook Stories, the Tunnel of Doom, The Spider, Shock Therapy, Gulliver and many more. I always planned to play "The Kaaos Effect" and "Shock Therapy" at a later point in time. Sadly I have finally have missed out the chance to play them...

But at least MadPea promised that from the ashes and dust will rise a brand new bigger and better MadPea . They promise that new games with immersion never seen before are on their way.

The amazing machinima creator Draxtor Despres has interviewed MadPea owner Kiana Writer for his series "The Drax Files", giving us a first exclusive look of the upcoming MadPea game Unia. The scenes look very promising and I can't wait for the game to be released this summer. By the way: Inara Pey has discussed Draxtors video "Gaming Second Life" in Detailed and interviewed him on the gaming capacities of the Second Life platform. It's a great read that you shouldn't miss.

And while we are waiting for Unia, the first action adventure game in Second Life, we can play once more a MadPea game from the past: the Room 326 hunt:

Yes you read right! We are doing something we have NEVER done before: We heard you, Peas and we answered..  Back by popular demand, it's the Room 326 Hunt! The Silent Peacock holds many secrets and the biggest of them all is Room 326. 15 people are missing after spending a night in that room. No one knows what happened to those poor souls, even the local police has been left clueless.
You will take on a role of a private detective and follow clues all over the grid to find out what truly happened. Room 326 is a shocking murder mystery with a storyline that will leave you breathless! (Madpea release note)

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