Sunday, August 11, 2013

Some tips and hints for the "Cry of the Peacock" hunt

I have been playing the "Cry of the Peacock" hunt in the last days and I think that it is a real fun experience. However since it is a rather complex hunt, I would like to provide you with some tips that might help you with your game experience.

Searching for clues

First of all the hunt is split into 4 different parts. 

1) The first part is the search for pieces of piano music that have hidden inside 20 stores around Mad City. There is a list of the 20 stores that you'll have to search in a notecard that you'll receive with the game HUD. This is the hunt item that you'll have to search for:

A piece of piano music

Hunt tip: Since there is a lot of lag on the sim, the HUD might sometimes not register that you have clicked the piece of piano music. If you realize that a piece is missing that you should have found, you cannot see which store is missing from the HUD itself. But there is a picture on the Madpea blog indicating which piece of music corresponds to the given list of stores:

With this picture you can check which store is missing to finalize your piece of music

2) At some point you should get to the Police Station and find a way to open their safe in order to get the files of the victims.

3) You need to collect all wanted posters in the city to get more details of the victims. You then need to match the descriptions of the hunt posters with the addresses in the police files. Do so by the criteria of the indications of age. Since you'll have to handle 16 textures and write down all the details by hand, I have made a file that you can use and safe some work. You will find the file here. BE AWARE THAT THIS LINK IS A SPOILER IF YOU HAVEN'T COMPLETED YOUR COLLECTION OF POSTERS AND IF YOU HAVEN'T OPENED THE POLICE SAFE YET: completed file of the victims. (By the way, I haven't found yet the poster #14 for Julia Whiteman. Please let me know in the comments where to find it.)

4) Now you need to examine the tarot card on top of your HUD. You need to guess which victim is best described by the tarot card and go to the victim's address. Knock at the door and you'll get the the hunt item and the location you need to find. Do this for the 15 tarot cards and victims.

5) To find Madame Peacock and finish the game, you will need to go to her store and play on the piano. My game time has been around 10 hours.

Some comments on lag:

The whole hunt is taking place on a single sim. It is therefore no wonder that the sim - especially in the beginning - has been full and I could not play at times. Also there is sometimes quite some lag. I would have wished that the prize for the game HUD would not have been 100LS but at least 250LS. I really don't bother paying more for having a better game experience - as there would have probably been less players. Also it would have been good to set a script limit for the sim and send people with lot's of script attachments home. Last but not least the "Inactivity Detector" seems not to be working. I have kept AFK (away from keyboard) while writing this hole article but I have not been sent home from the sim (the warning that I would be sent home after 30 seconds has been on my screen for 20 minutes but nothing happened).

Despite these complaints about performance, it's a really fun hunt and I enjoyed playing it a lot. Traffic has gone down by now and performance is therefore much better. You should definitely check the "Cry of the Peacock Hunt" out before it closes on August 31st.

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