Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Riot Combat System - Level-up with in-game credits

Second Life isn't a game and doesn't provide game mechanics out of the box. But it is a platform that offers the opportunity to develop in-world games. One of the most vivid game categories in Second Life are shooter games which can take place in combat areas or in a roleplay setting. With the variety of existing combat systems, newcomers need special features in order to draw interest from the community. 

The Riot Combat System stands out of the crowd as a combat system which offers in-game credits and even Linden cash prizes. Moreover there are regular exciting bounty hunter events. 
For Riot in-game credits, players need to kill an enemy during a fight. Credits can be used at the Riot shop for buying more advanced armor or damage guns. More kills equals more credits. The game developer claims that some kills bring even random LS cash prizes.

I really like the idea of the Riot team to organize so called "bounty hunter" events. At the start one person will be randomly nominated as "the hunted". If another player kills that person, they get to be the hunted and so on. The last person being the hunted after 2 hours wins a prize of currently 200 LS.

You might even be able to use your own weapons with the Riot Combat System as most guns and swords will work with it. The best Riot players are showcased by a most wanted live scores list. The Riot system is still in development and therefore updated regularly which opens the doors to future game add-ons. One of the last updates was a medic system. Players can now heal people asking for a medic. If a healed player wins the battle, the healer will also win a Riot credit. This feature can make team play more exciting. And more features are probably on the way. The developer invites players to share their ideas by sending an IM, leaving reviews on the marketplace, attending events or commenting on his blog

Riot is definitely a Combat System that I will keep an eye on. You can get a Riot starter pack in the mainstore for free or for 25LS on the marketplace (with advanced armor and gun damage). Simply wear the combat system, the damage meter and the gun. Follow the instructions in your chat window and you're ready to play.


  1. Great game system lots of fun too and you can't beat the pricing .

  2. Combat games are indeed becoming more popular these days.