Friday, August 2, 2013

My personal Top 5 of Second Life games - August 2013

From August onward I will publish regularly my personal and biased top 5 list of my favorite games in Second Life. Find below my first list of personal favorites  Let me know in the comments what choices you agree and disagree with.

The Maze

August 2013

Why I have chosen these 5 games: 

The Maze is the most advanced shooter game mod that I have found in Second Life. The location, the weapons, the opponents - it all creates a fascinating atmosphere. And the NPCs are only rezzed once per player - which makes the combat much more realistic.

Loki's Starship Battle Game is great first of all because there are great Star Trek ships to fly with  In combat both ships fly well and can be comfortably manoeuvred in a single region. The game mechanics are intuitive and provide fun for many battles.

Warbug. These planes have a fantastic vehicles script - they are very maneuverable, so you can put all your concentration and focus on battling the opponents.  The developers put much effort in little details such as customisable paint of the airplanes, cool engine sounds and particle effects when getting hit.

The Dwarfins are taking breedable games to a whole new level, giving experienced breeders a new challenge and newcomers an incentive to step in. I am looking forward to see how the Dwarfins create their own community, village or even a kingdom around themselves.

The >(O.o)< Freestyle Golf is the most easy to play sports game mod that I have found in Second Life. Newcomers achieve great results quickly and can compete with experienced players. And there are many different golf courses in Second Life and each hole will have it's own little challenge.

Special mentioning in memoriam:

Attack on Titan has great game mechanics and a very lively player community. It has a high fun level and reaches out to players even outside of Second Life. (Unfortunately it has been discontinued)

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