Wednesday, July 31, 2013

UPDATE: "Cry of the Peacock Hunt" - The Sequel to "Room 326" starts tomorrow!


While we are all waiting for the new Madpea game "Unia" available this summer (but no official release date has been communicated yet), we can now kill the waiting time with two Madpea hunts. While the "Room 326" hunt will continue until August 31, the sequel "Cry of the Peacock Hunt" is going to be launched tomorrow, August 1. This new hunt will only be running for the Month of August, so you shouldn't wait too long, grab your hunting gear and explore the secrets that the fortune teller Madame Peacock will unveil to you.

Picture taken from the Madpea Facebook page

There is not much information available yet, even if the hunt start is already tomorrow. There is no post on the Madpea blog, but an advance notice on the Madpea Facebook page:

The fortune teller Madame Peacock is back from investigating the mystery of Room 326 and has discovered the shocking truth! However, not all is lost. She needs the help of a brave detective with a sharp wit to face all odds and free the victims trapped souls. With the help of her tarot cards and your investigative skills, the future looks bright, but what does fate have in store for you?
Madpea promises "More Challenges, More Prizes, More Fun!"
That sounds good, doesn't it? I will post more information on the hunt here, as soon as it gets available.

For those who are still stuck somewhere in the "Room 326" hunt and are too shy for asking for help in the Madpea inworld group, there is a new information resource available. Someone has actually made a very thorough walkthrough of Room 326 Hunt - take a look here:

It's not only a good walkthrough but especially the beginning is made like a great Machinima.You should definitely take a look!

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