Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Play Lil's Minigolf in Second Life

I have already played golf in Second Life and I loved the simple and fun gameplay of the >(O.o)< Freestyle Golf system by Fa Nyak. Last week I discovered that there is also a Minigolf course in Second Life that uses the same game system by Fa Nyak. Lil's Minigolf course exists since 2008 but I had never heard about it before. Also a Google search didn't bring up much information about the place. It‘s astonishing that such a fun place can stay under the radar for such a long time.

There are 15 holes and just like in real life Minigolf, you'll need to do some tricky shots: playing the cushion, avoiding moving obstacles, shooting through loops and tubes. Playing is really simple: Wear the HUD and the golf club you receive for free. When you click on "putter" or "wedge" (I don't recommend "driver" for minigolf) on your HUD, a ball is rezzed. There will be a small arrow at the ground to your feet. It changes direction if you hit the left/right button on your keyboard. At last click on the ball symbol on your HUD. The longer you hold your button before releasing, the harder you will hit.

One more tip: If you are competing with friends, only play the holes 1 to 14. The 15th hole is so difficult, that it will take you more tries to putt the ball than for the other 14 holes combined - and this will mess up the overall results.

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