Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Walk through: the Madpea LOST TREASURE hunt

Madpea published an interview with the first person to survive the Devil's Cave - or maybe the first person who made it through the Devil's Cave. After all Xill Flux died 19 times in order to make it through the game in 7 hours and 15 minutes. Well, I would be happy if I "only" would die twice as often before finishing the game and 15 hours of playing time is a realistic objective for my gaming skills. There is an interview with Xill Flux on her impressions of the hunt on the Madpea blog.

As there is no better way to show you the graphics of a game than a walk-through, I have today recorded my progress in the Devil's Cave. The video doesn't go too far into the game, so that the Madpea crew doesn't have to get nervous about me giving away too many secrets. The video will give you a good impression on the surroundings and the atmosphere of the game, which for me is a great mix of the following ingredients: SL hunts, adventure games and jump-and-run elements.

Please forgive me if my commenting should be too lame. I realized during my recording that I am more shy than I thought when it comes to hearing my own voice. That's also the reason why I only rarely use voice in SL, I guess.

Have fun watching the video and playing the game!

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