Monday, March 25, 2013

A second look to THE DWARFINS - an SL breedable game

Back in December I had a long review of the community building breedable game THE DWARFINS. I was very enthusiastic because the game concept of THE DWARFINS reminds me a lot of micro-management games with the objective to build and maintain a complex society system, such as Civilization, Caesar III, The Settlers, or Dawn of Discovery. THE DWARFINS promises to bring the spirit of these games to Second Life and mixes it with the concept of breedables.

Since their launch in December the Dwarfins have been spreading spreading across the Grid and it has become an popular breeding game. Unfortunately I haven't had the time to start breedings DWARFINS myself, so I cannot give you a first hand report about the game fun factor. But SL blogger Ciaran Laval is sharing her DWARFINS experience on her blog. I think it's a very interesting read, so don't miss it.
I’m new to the breedables game, you get quite attached to the little buggers! 
Dwarfins are also starting to appear with rare, rather than common and uncommon traits, so the game is progressing nicely with new traits and new interactions. There are plans afoot to allow Dwarfins to fish, hunt and fight but no firm date has yet been set as to when these skill sets will be available.

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