Sunday, November 25, 2012

Information resources for SL games

Hamlet Au states on his NWN-blog that there almost 2000 blogs discussing Second Life. There are hundreds of fashion blogs but I cannot find one single active blogdedicated to gaming. New residents often ask themselves "What can I do in SL?". If they wish to start a game within Second Life, they definitely will not find information easily. Most of the information can only be found "in game", via a search, SL friends or the Second Life Destination guide.

The destination guide has the downside that it only allows a very short description. Also many entries are featured only for a few days or weeks. Also many game-like experiences are not even listed in the category "games".

The SL destination guide

These are the resources that I found:

A blog that stopped having regular updates in 2010

In case that I have missed an information resource, let me know in comments.

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