Sunday, October 7, 2012

Hello World!

Hello World! 

I have created this blog as there is no Second Life "fangirl" blog yet discussing games and game mechanics within Second Life. When starting SL in 2007, I had in mind to create a personalized avatar that could then be the main character in traditional games.  

But then I realised that Second Life was used in a different way. It was used as a chat programme with a graphics interface. You could chat with others based on a second virtual identity that is represented by the avatar. The avatar could dress very individually, have individual animations and live in an individual designed space. It was basically all about the creation of "appearance". And then you could connect with others based on this virtually created appearance. The connection happened through classic chat. The chatting then took place in different settings.

Some people did also chat about sex and played explicit animations with their avatars. Some people started playing RPG games that were mainly based on describing via chat what happened. In the RPG the avatars were not really "doing anything" but standing within the scenery.

But when it came to real game mechanics within Second Life, there was almost nothing offered. And to tell the truth, it hasn't changed a lot in the last  years. There are some people trying out concepts or creating mini-games, but I haven't really experienced any game that was so well done that by itself it would justify for a gamer to create a Second LIfe account. The games that I have seen so far are at best a nice break from the chatting and chat based role-playing - two of the main activities for which people stay in Second Life.

I remember back in 2007 there was even a blog that only had the aim to show that there was nothing "to do" in second life. The author went  each day to a destination recommended by users. Everyday she concluded that there was nice graphics there and people chatting, but that the avatar could not "do anything with an intention" there. I have forgotten the name of the blog and it is probably long gone. But even if I remained an active SL player I did understand the point that the author of that blog wanted to make. It is very hard to find a place with appealing interaction based on activities in Second Life.

With this blog I would like to make notes of my quest for places with some kind of game mechanics. I am looking forward to explore Second LIfe games with you.

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