Saturday, February 21, 2015


Well, here I am - writing another post almost one year after my last one. You might ask what I have been up to? I didn't want to review SL games and experiences any longer, I wanted to do create games myself. Interactive adventure games that are non linear, that build a real relationship between the player and the non-player characters. 

It is foolish to learn to script with the idea in mind to create something better than all experienced LSL scripters have done so far. But I am someone who really likes trying. And I am not dissapointed with the outcome. Soon the first results will be available to test to you. Then you can make up your mind if the effort was worth it.

The first traces of the new game system can already be found at an alpha game review by Mona Eberhardt: The Weeping Willow Girl – in-world game preview:
What makes The Weeping Willow Girl different from the adventure games we’ve seen so far in SL is that it aims to be the first experience / game where the reactions of the NPCs (Non-Player Characters) will depend on the moment in the game you interact with them, and even on prior in-game events. This makes for less linear storytelling and gives the player the opportunity to visit, and interact with, any NPC at any given moment in the game, with their reactions, and the course the game will take afterwards, making sense when viewed in the context of what has already happened.

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  1. Where can I get Stella's Adventure Game System to use as I create my own games in SL? I see the building on Escapades sim, but don't see anything for actually finding the code to use it myself. In searching the web, I haven't seen anything on it for about a year. Is this still actively used and where do I purchase it?