Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Fantasy Fair hunt

I have been very much enjoying the Fatasy Fair in the last days. Don't miss it as it will continue only for two more days. There are several beautiful sims, there are roleplay events, there is live music, DJ’s, and fantastic shops. And there is a great hunt and its first part will lead you to all the fair locations
We begin this year with FIMBLEBY’S WAGER, in which a loud-mouthed drunk bets that he’s smarter than you. Head for Wiggenstead Mooring and find Fimbleby in the Jolly Crocodile to match your wits against his, prove him wrong and win what others have lost before you – and an extra something that might just come in handy later… 
You’ll see the second part of the hunt – THE PALACE OF TEARS – in all its splendour when you arrive at Fairelands Junction, but you’ll have to wait just a little longer to discover what secrets lie within.You’ll find hunt HUD vendors at the landing points of each sim in the Fairelands. Grab one and get going. [Fantasy Fair website]

You really need to hurry though as there are only 48 hours left to play the first part of the hunt: Fimbleby’s Wager lasts until the Fairelands fade away after May 11th. The second part of the hunt Palace of Tears will be available for hunters longer, since it is on a separate sim that will stay on the grid until May 18th. From May 12 onward, the hunt will directly start at the second part in the Palace of Tears.

The first part of the FF fair hunt is based on riddles. On each of the Fantasy Fair regions you will get a riddle which indicates the item that you should be looking for. The HUD and the effects like voice acting are very well done. The difficulty level of the hunt is ok, even if there were two places which gave me headaches because the searched item was an object that existed several dozen times in the region and at least in one case it wasn't obvious that one of them would be the hunt item.

Ciaran Laval has a really neat review of the hunt on his blog. Don't miss his blog post to get more details. And here are some photos he took:

Photo by Ciaran Laval
Photo by Ciaran Laval

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