Wednesday, July 24, 2013

First preview pictures of the upcoming Madpea game Unia

Last week Madpea owner Kiana Writer has published first preview pictures of the upcoming game Unia. She also wrote some background information on the origins of the game itself - which isn't revealing anything we don't  already know from Draxtor's video on Madpea.

Image taken from the Madpea blog

"About two years ago I was thinking of a story that I had had in my mind for a while already and shared that with my team. We started discussing: "It wouldn't.." "It can't.." "That's not possible.." "It would take..." the more NOs I heard the more my heart sank and I buried the story all the way back in my head with several other ideas that had never got out. While building and scripting the Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior, I suddenly saw that the time was right and when I reminded my team about UNIA they all said YES! Finally we could do it. I could barely contain myself with all that excitement. I knew it in my heart that the time truly had come."
Image taken from the Madpea blog

The story of the game isn't revealed but Kiana Writer explains that the game will consist of action game elements as well as puzzle elements and has been developed in cooperation with some of the best scripters in Second Life. You can find the full text and all of the preview images on the Madpea blog.


  1. The owner of MadPea is Kiana Writer not Kiara knightly. You might want to fix that to make this accurate