Thursday, March 21, 2013

Psst, there is a Destination Guide widget

Well, I am trying to stay informed about the features of the Second Life platform and the SL-websites. But there are things that LL develops which seem to stay top secret. You might only discover this new feature by chance. One example was the feature of the SL profile feed to post inworld pictures with a descriptive text.

A few days ago I found a blog post from Ciaran Laval showing a Destination Guide widget and demanding a similar widget for events.
One of the things I like most about the destination guide are the ad widgets, you click a destination, click create ad widget, change your options and you get some code to paste into a blog or website and voila. I’d love to see this extended to events, I can’t find a way of doing it for events.  

Pssst, Ciaran. I bet that LL has kept this feature a secret so that residents wouldn't have "good ideas" and demand that the approach would be broadened to other areas. You know, people might actually use that to advertise SL...   ;)

Well, I got curious and searched on Google. Ciaran had already blogged about the widget feature in 2011.       o.O

And I saw that LL even pays commission if traffic to Second Life locations is created by these widgets.      o.O 

In any case: the Destination guide widget really comes handy and I will now always integrate them in my future game reviews. Here is an example of such a widget applied to the sim of my home parcel: 

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