Sunday, March 31, 2013

All Second Life game reviews that I have published on my blog - so far

After four Months of blogging, 31 blog posts, 16 game reviews and 4800 page views I thought that new visitors would appreciate to find an overview on all my blog posts on SL games. Such a page can now be found in the top menu under the heading "All Game Reviews". Hopefully some people will find the service helpful.

I am a bit sad that not a single Second Life game developer has used the possibility to "Showcase their game" yet. It is a normal thing for the Second Life artist community to send out press releases about their exhibits to Second Life travel blogs. This habit seems to be completely unknown in the small SL game creators community - if you can call the small bunch of Second Life game creators a community. As far as I can tell, they do not seem to interact much with each other or to share resources in any way.

Picture from Electrobit City

The only game - as far as I am aware - that has been actively promoted to SL bloggers was THE GARDEN. Madpea games and Loki Eliot do at least provide information about their games on their own websites. No wonder that it is much easier for me to regularly report on their games.

As I am a hobbyist writing for my personal enjoyment, there is only a small selection of games that I can review at a certain time. Especially if no informative text blogs from the developers is available to me.

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