Saturday, February 9, 2013

Loki's "The Cheese Fairy"

Today I want to show you a very short SL experience created by Loki Eliot. The so called Cheese Fairy quest is available AT NEMO BEACH. If you try this experimental mini-game you might get an idea about the potential of future adventure games in SL. The story is uncovered by clicking things which trigger the HUD to show encounter bubbles similar to what you find in RPG games. An entire RPG story could be stored in a HUD.

You can either watch this video I made or play it yourself in +/- 5 minutes.

When I played Loki's "Cheese Fairy" experience the first time I was really enthusiastic about it because it shows that interactive riddles and story telling is at least theoretically possible in Second Life. I had to think of the Electrobit City Sim: if players would meet such AI-characters there that send them to accomplish a quest, it would be fairly easy to transform this "exploring place" into a "real game". And that would be a great mix of old jump-and-run elements with adventure game elements. I would really love that!

Loki has also written a blog post about developing the Cheese Fairy experience. I really hope that he will continue this path in the future.

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