Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Let's start an inworld group for Second Life gamers

As I would like to offer Second Life players the opportunity to discuss Second Life games inworld, I have created the inworld group "Second Life Play Instinct". Hopefully you'll join it. I can see at least four benefits from such a group:

  • Help creating a community of SL residents who like inworld gaming.
  • People can share their findings and discuss them. 
  • Game creators could send group notifications about new games. 
  • Players can easily find other people to play in a team. 
Let's see how the group will evolve over time and if any of my goals can be reached. One of the Second Life "failures" is its lack of consistent community features. There is no one-stop-shop for communicating on common interests or for promoting interesting places. As much as I like the SL feed it doesn't have an RSS function. This means that it cannot be synchronized easily with other social media like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or blogs. The consequence is that everyone who communicates about Second Life uses several and diverse channels reaching out for multiple tiny audiences.

The SL profile feed enables Second Life players or creators to link their Second Life inworld experience to the Internet. But it is a one-way ticket. You cannot reach people who are inworld by posting to the SL feed. That's why I felt the need to additionally create an inworld group. LL is as far away from offering a one-stop shop for good communication as the Sahara is from the North-pole.

I barely have enough time to write regularly for my blog. I often forget to update my SL profile feed after having written a post. Let's see if I find some time to manage this new inworld group.


  1. This is a great idea Estelle. I joined, and hope lots of other people do to. I love games in both worlds. :)

  2. Thanks Jewel, it's great to get some words of support! Let's see how it plays out... ;)