Sunday, December 16, 2012

MMO Snowball fight season has started in Second Life

Come and play a snowball fight game! Ok, let's recapitulate what I liked most about winter time as a child: making snow angles,  building snowmen and hiding in igloos. I also kind of enjoyed snow ball fights but I was not good at throwing balls or hitting a target. When I participated in a snow ball fight it was not for the win but rather for the one lucky strike that would make my day.
Watch out - or I'll shoot ya!

Also In the virtual world I am not gifted with targeting and shooting skills. And in the past I haven't played a first person shooter like Counter Strike. But last year I found a snowball fight version of "counter strike" on the SL marketplace. Since that moment I almost can't wait for the winter season. I still don't win the snowball fight games but I feel a great joy when hitting a "professional" gamer with a cold and wet snow ball.

The one thing missing in order to make the snowball fight game system a great hit is a network scoreboard. Then the players could see their rankings in a competition across the grid. The network scoreboard is  the feature which is behind the great success of "En Garde!". But I wouldn't make it to the top of such a grid ranking anyway and the game is great fun even without this feature.

This year I rented some land at Escapades and I placed the gaming system there. I invite you  over for a match with or against your friends. To get the gear, you need to touch the snowball giver. It will give you a  snowball, the hud and a cap - you need to wear it all. Then you can start the game by clicking the board. By clicking "settings" on the board, you can decide how many times a player needs to be hit before he or she is out of the game. You can either play the game against all other present players or you can form teams. The team with the last surviving player wins. I will have the game system rezzed at my parcel at least until January 11.

It doesn't matter if you are a professional 3D shooter gamer or if you so far avoided such games because you can't see any blood. This MMO shooter will be a great fun for everyone. See you in my yard and don't forget to put on warm winter clothes.

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