Friday, December 28, 2012

MadPea Room 326 hunt - Play an interactive adventure

Three weeks ago I have presented the game concept of SL hunts. Today I want to introduce you to a game developer who brings the hunt experience to a new level: MadPea Productions is one of the leading game developers for Second Life (and I will certainly present more of their game portfolio in the future).

MadPea regularly releases  hunts in their "The Legend of the Month hunt" series. In these hunts the stories take you on interactive grid-wide adventures. The next episode "Room 326" will be up and running today at 12pm SLT and will immerse you to the story of Room 326 at the Silent Peacock Hotel. 

By adding a background story and by making the player become part of that story the MadPea hunts stand out of the crowd. You will not only be searching for hidden items but also for clues and events that move the story forward. You'll need to purchase a HUD for L$10 which will present you onscreen messages, take you through the story and give you clues where to find the next hidden items and messages.

According to the MadPea blog this is the story behind the "Room 326" hunt, running from today until January 31:
The Silent Peacock Hotel has been recently closed for an investigation after 15 people have disappeared from their premises. What the people have in common is that they all have spent a night in Room 326. It's a mystery of how this has happened since the door has been locked and there are no signs of struggle or forced entry. All of the personal belongings of the guests have been untouched.  The local police has been left clueless. The players will take the role as private investigators to examine the evidence and search for the truth behind the disappearances.
Once the players have successfully found what they need in order to complete the hunt, they will be rewarded with hunt prizes crafted by 15 chosen vendors. Unlike in other hunts the player doesn't gain an item with every found hidden items. All hidden orbs have to be found and only then all available prizes are given to you at once. If you get stuck along the way and just can't find an orb, you might ask the members of the MadPea group for a helping hand. And extra clues are often added to the MadPea Facebook page.

The starting location for the hunt is here.


  1. I did the Enchanted Frost Hunt and it was great. The HUD was a puzzle, every time you found the hunt item, a piece of the puzzle was revealed. Each puzzle piece contained a hint and the hint was part of a story, so it was very entertaining and then at the end when you completed the puzzle you got to go free the princess, it was a lot of fun and I am glad you posted this because now I am definitely going to have to do this hunt also!

  2. Unfortunately I missed the Enchanted Frost Hunt and I will also miss this one because I will be away from my desktop computer for almost a month with no access to SL. That is going to be a difficult time. Hopefully I can at least update the blog a few times.

    But I will be back on board for the February edition of "The Legend of the Month hunt" series.

  3. Anyone know why my prizes did not arrive at the end of the hunt when i clicked on the taxi and on Get Fares??

    1. It's been six weeks since I played the hunt. But I remember no taxi. Have you clicked on your hud? Have you asked in the Madpea Group for help? You could also ask on the Madpea facebook page.