Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Electrobit City - Jump and Run in Second LIfe

Electrobit City is bringing the world of "Jump and Run" games to Second Life. I like the Second Life destination guide entry of this place
It's a great chance to experience the 8-Bit and Retro Pixel culture with unique environments inspired by games of your youth, revisiting them with modern twists. Live chiptune music and interactive games await! 
And indeed some areas - that you can reach to from the landing point of Electrobit City - make one feel like stepping into a Mario game. Other areas and their landscapes are a modern mesh interpretation and recreation of ancient jump and run game environments.

A Shy Guy in Electrobit City by Jin Zan

An outstanding feature at the landing point is the tutorial pole. When touched it rezzes an animated game character that acts as a tutorial budy, shows you around the place and explains you the concepts of navigation and the interaction with the environment. The tutorial is very well done and it is an impressive example what can be done with good LSL scripting skills. 

There are game mechanics that are inspired by the original 8-bit console games which results in an experience differing from usual Second Life navigation: hidden teleport portals, climbable poles tand areas that can only be reached by well-timed jumps. There are monsters and falling rocks that will kill players by sending them to a game over zone. 

Despite the mechanics which are exceptional for Second Life, Electrobit City is rather an exhibition of 8-bit culture in SL than a real game. There is a good reason why the destination guide lists the region in the culture category. What is still missing for a real game experience is a story and levels that can be completed. Residents who come to Electrobit City will explore the region and not play a game. I however highly recommend to take your time and explore all the available areas .

The following video gives some impression of the 8-bit area:

If you would like to learn a bit more about what's "Behind the 8-Bit Area", then you should read the Interview with the creators.

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